2-ply English Ribbed Round Neck

The English ribbed round neck sweater is probably the apotheosis of luxury and quality in pure cashmere knitwear. The sheer richness of the knit stitch, the softness and fullness of the fabric, combined with incredible thermal properties make it one of the most popular and coveted models.

This garment is made using only 2/28 title yarn, the double twisted yarn synonymous with superior quality, sourced from only the finest Italian and Scottish spinning mills. For this model, a 2-ply yarn is machine spun to further enhance the refinement and consistency of the knit stitch.

Its fit is loose and sporty, typical of raglan sleeved models. It is entirely made using the full-fashioned technique, meaning it is directly modelled on the machine, typical for fine knitwear. Somers is one of a select few companies to make fully-fashioned sleeves with visible drop-stitching. This traditional technique requires more time and precision in stitching, but guarantees impeccable linearity, a clean-cut appearance and enhanced stability of size. 



Choosing the right size is simple. Take a shirt from your wardrobe favorites, spread it out well on a flat surface and take the main measurements as specified in the diagram opposite. Once this is done, compare the measurements of your garment with those shown on the table accompanying each model, bearing in mind that the tolerance of 1 or 2 centimeters is physiological and does not alter the wearability of the shirt.