Somers Firenze

Our company was founded in 1974, perpetuating a family knitwear tradition dating back to the 1930s, passed down over four generations. 

We immediately oriented ourselves towards quality production, using fine yarns prepared with meticulous artisan curation, true to the culture of Italian production and our region in particular, Tuscany. 

This ethos naturally led us to team up with some of the most important fashion Houses in Italy and beyond, in a series of partnerships still active today.

In this way the Company remains open to new stimuli and our skills constantly evolve, in a fruitful dialogue with extremely demanding, high calibre Customers, at the pinnacle of international markets. 

In addition to such collaborations, we have always dedicated particular attention to the study of a magnificent fabric, one of nature’s most precious gifts to us: pure cashmere. 

A passion for cashmere has turned into an exclusive offering, only available at the company store, which has satisfied thousands of Customers over the decades. 

In addition to the store, we made the decision to embrace online sales, providing all the quality and reliability that have always distinguished us, making the purchase of our precious 100% cashmere items an investment that will stand the test of time.