Our company has been addressing the issue of sustainability
for a number of years.

We were one of the first in our region to install a photovoltaic plant for the self-production of power, which currently covers around half of all our consumption requirements. All production facilities are certified and comply with stringent quality and safety standards. We pay great attention to the use and end of cycle use of production materials, taking great care of their selection and disposal. 

Packaging is entirely made from recycled cardboard and knitwear bags are made from 50% reused plastic. 

As far as raw material is concerned, we only use yarns sourced from the finest spinning mills in Italy, which in turn live up to global production standards of absolute excellence. 

This is what sustainability means to us: working and producing in our region, limiting costs and the transfer of goods which causes pollution, with absolute and real control over all production chain aspects and rigorous respect for the women and men who work with us, as well as the environment as a whole.